Alarm system General Use "PSE Mark approval"
Type of O/P plug for AC adaptor
Switching power supply-1 Switching power supply-2 Power transformer Led power

主要產品用途: Application for linear adaptor

  ●家用電器產品 Household appliance
●資訊音響 Audio/video appliance
●通訊設備 Telecommunication
●運動器材 Sport device
●醫療器材 Medical equipment
●電子產品 Electronic product

從EI-28 到 EI-76 可以客製化設計製造, 不同國家安全規定及節能需提供 詳細規格評估, 請再與我司業務聯絡.
We may supply the linear adaptors from EI-28 to EI-76,
please provide your detailed specifications for our further checking and for any safety certification or efficiency requirements.
Please feel free to send your inquiry to us.